DIY: How To Rip Your Jeans Yourself

Ifeyinwa Nwabueze
Ripped jeans have always been very fashionable. The right rips in the right places can turn a plain pair of jeans into a very fashion forward piece!
I once went to buy a pair of ripped jeans but unfortunately I didn't see any I liked and the guy told me he could help me rip them there and then however I wanted it. At first I was surprised cos I never knew it could be done so easily!!
Well, now that I know, am bringing you the easy steps on how to rip your jeans yourself.
The only three things you need are jeans, scissors and a sharp (serrated) knife. You probably have these things already at home.
 Secondly, put on your jeans and mark the spots where you want to rip your jeans. Then pick the first marked spot and cut it there. Make sure that you cut horizontally!
The size of the cut depends on how big you want that part to be ripped.
If you've done that, get your knife and start cutting from left to right (horizontally) on the cut until you get the result you want.
You'll see that the blue fabric of the jeans slowly releases and that the white fabric remains. Afterwards you can take out the released blue fabrics from your jeans with your hands in order to speed up the process. That's all!!
Now that you're armed with these easy steps on how to rip your jeans yourself, don't be scared to take out those knives and start ripping!!
Channel your inner rock star with ripped jeans!


  1. Yea rip jeans had always been my. Favourite. Because all you need it a good shirt to rock it and you are game


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