Low Budget, So What! Budget Fashion

Ebifinide Timi-Zuo
The economy maybe in a ditch, so what?, your style doesn't have to be, and its no big thing to look hot on cold budgets really.
Secret no 1, stick to the basics. Forget about trends, they change with season, are daunting leaving you broke and exhausted with so many pretty clothes you can no longer wear. Basics are straight cut trousers, jeans, tank tops, really cool dresses, skirts and of course blazers, they go with anything, you can dress up or dress down with these items.  Accessories also help a lot, they add glam to your outfit but they don't have to be worth a million dollars
Let your feet speak with nice flats, flats are comfortable, easy to get, very cheap and can be worn anywhere, get some.
The key to working with a budget is choosing colors that match anything, neutral and cool colors like grey, black, white and brown.
And finally, there's no need to spend a whole lot for designer brands, if its comfortable, sexy and cool?, go for it!


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