Ebifinide Timi-Zuo

Maxi skirts are girls things, they are super comfortable, flattering and versatile items. These items, as beautiful as they are have been worn in so many awful ways that makes me cringe. Want to wear a maxi skirt next time?, please follow these rules.
Rule 1- 
Coordinate your colors- its nice to try out many colors but when working with an overwhelming piece like the maxi skirt, it's better sticking to a main color, e.g black and any other color.
Rule 2- 
Top tight, Bottom loose-
A maxi skirt paired with a baggy sweat shirt is a disaster!, its unflattering and adds unnecessary bulk to your trunk. Make sure everything fits as it should.
Rule 3-
Fabrics matter- the type of fabric matters too, the thicker the fabric, the more you look dumpy. Your maxi skirt should be lighter than your skin, gives a twirling effect.
There, you have the rules for wearing a maxi skirt now, follow the rules and let your outfit scream sexy!


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