By Emeka Uduma
 Wristwatches over the years have grown from just being a time telling piece to an indicator of style and sophistication . In this modern age where we can easily check time on cell phones, laptops, electronic gadgets and even some television stations, we still reflexively check our wrist for time especially when running late. Asking a neighbor for time isn't a good idea for a gentleman.

Nothing compliments an outfit other than a finely crafted, beautiful wristwatch. Wristwatches also portray a man as being time concious especially in today's fast world. As far as fashion accessory is concerned, investing in a good time piece is not a bad idea as it tells the world of your style, class, taste and sophistication.
Any wristwatch collector will proudly tell you that watches are a good piece to invest in and i will personally tell you that bvlgari pieces are the best pieces to invest in.
Below are some timepiece investment you might want to consider when shopping for one


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