Outside Appeal

Perception,often times are the keys to unlocking limitless possibilities, a fact well known by the debonair man, whose mantra is “looking good is good business”.  The suave male keen about cloths that can translatefrom work to play, always looks ultra-stylish in any ensemble. The trick to pull off the “outside appeal look” is to stick to timeless pieces that are impervious to fads or season. Knowing a few of our male sweethearts may still be daunted by this look, here are some tips for putting together an ensemble, that will cause hearts to flutter when you step out of your yard. 

Afro-pean: Go the afropean route by mixing and balancing your tribal pants, print trousers or chinos with plain polo’s, tees or silk shirts with afro embellishment, detailing or design.
Urban Hip: LookUltra-hip and part of the cool crowd by pairing your tailored shorts, cuffed hem chinos, cropped demin, or bright colored skinnies with nautical tripped tees, dress shirts, or pastels and voila! Complete the hip look, by accessioning with vests, mufflers, skinny ties, colored plimsolls, boat shoes or gladiator.
Rugged Rouge: Go rouge and break some hearts by simply pairing your ripped teased, bleaches, faded or distressed jeans with your sleeves tees, earth toned shirts, white print and accessorize with sneakers, boots, loafers, sandals, slippers, Converse All Stars or Shocks


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