Bridemaids Palaver series:Bridegelique! Sylvia Nnodu's wedding. PHOTOS

Yes! I am a bridesmaid again (wailing) despite my vow to the contrary, love won't let me keep my promise. You all remember my last sojourns to the trick-filled world of bridesmaids
 (If you haven't see here and  ) So you can imagine my dread and the depth of my love and loyalty (tongue-out) when I was asked to fulfill the
ultimate girl code again.
This time around my sojourn was surprisingly filled with fun, laughter and joy. (Guess the gods of bridesmaids paradise felt I have earned a reprieve)  No disgruntled relative (lip sealed), no fellow evil bridesmaid, no irate in-laws or condescending minister et al. The bride was positively bride-gelique, so calm; aglow with happiness laced with wicked wit that one just had to be relaxed.

To begin( grab your popcorn bowl), Sylvia have been a dearest friend for ages and I was overjoyed \
when she called, to gist me she had said "Yes" to the man of her dreams, though I still had a few trepidations.
(Blame all the horror stories of marriages and the male metamorphosis to a monster as soon as he has legal/spiritual authority over you). All trepidations, reservations and other big names we use to tag "worry" was laid to rest, as soon as I saw Sylvia and her beau together. Rarely have I seen a couple so obviously in sync on their wedding day.(Most never achieve it despite years of marriage). 

As you can imagine, my happiness was full but was made "complete" by the fab re-union with Vivian, Neti, Blessing, Mary, Ada and Precious Ebito. All friends from way back when we were impossibly young & restless.
Neti, Blessing and Mary were the three musketeers that completed Sylvia's circle during university days, while I, Vivian, Ada and Sylvia were from way back, so it was a golden dual circle reunion. Oh, the unending gist, yabs, teasing, reminiscing, arguments, laughter and
love that flowed & enveloped us that epic weekend.

I can't end that weekend gist without a big shout-out to Precious Ebito, who hosted me through-out my visit and made my Abuja weekend truly fun, by trying to kill me with outings, pampering and food. (See Pictures below)
So that's it people! This is the last time I will do this! (Fingers crossed!) Lol
It was simply the best wedding!

 Much love to Sylvia that gave us the opportunity to share her joyful moment, while enabling us to steal a snapshot in time of pure girl-time happiness. Muah!



  1. ok dat was rili fab; of all d cozyness I fink I got attracted to the food galleria meeeeennn...wish I was der to devour it all. Still I feel fly knowing I have a big sis as pretty as dis, meeen u look good on dat orange gown. thumbs up


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