Brow Perfect!

We all know that style is a great way to express ourselves but a fashionistas brow is one of the foremost thing people notice unconsciously. Having well shaped brows is the first step to pull off the flawless look, just as having an inappropriate eyebrow can age you, distort the shape of the face, and provide an unwanted emotion (perpetually surprised or disbelieving look).
Imagine meeting someone for the first time that is decked out in the latest trend but has very wide eyebrows, brows that are completely shaved off or penciled above the brow line in bold black? The first thing you would notice will be the brows, either sub consciously or consciously.
The importance of Perfect brows cannot be overemphasized as more and more fashionistas is coming to understand. When applied correctly, an eyebrow frames the eye, flatters the face, and provides balance to the face.
Perfect brows are not restricted to just ladies (though they have more brow style dynamism) for any fashionist worth his salt in style, is certain to brus
h and tweeze his brows, just like his hair or beard. For the fashionista, the steps for perfect brows are more complex but with practice, it shouldn’t take more than 2minutes of your daily beauty time.
Tools and Makeup Needed
  • Tweezers/razors
  • Brow pencils or pens in appropriate shades (best to have two shades, with one lighter than your normal shade) 
  •  Eyebrow Gel or wax (optional)
  • Concealer (You can use Foundation as an over the counter option, especially for everyday look)
  • Brows brushes (Angled Brush, spoolies et al)

Application Tips:
  1. Shape your brows with tweezers following your natural arch and brow line. You can also create the illusion of a higher brow arch, as well as adjust thicken or increase the length of your brows
  2. Shade in the brows with your brow pencils or makeup, using very light, soft stokes at the head of your brows (near your nose line) and more bold strokes from the middle arch to the tail end. Remember to start shading from your arch line to the brow end before drawing the line from your brow head to the arch line, using small connecting dots. Blend and brush.
  3. Use your concealer (a shade lighter than your natural tone) to line your lower brow line (already shaded by you) to the brow ends and blend. It servers the dual purpose of giving your brows a perfect arch line, conceal any stubborn bristle hair and as a highlighter
  4. For a flawless look, use your foundation or concealer in your natural shade to line the top line of the entire brows.


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