Dare To Pop!

Fashion eras has come and gone but Pop style trend has persevered. This season one of the quickest way to achieve that ultra-chic look, you been dying to pull off, is to “Pop”. From Pop Art staples, Pop shades, stockings, retro Pop jackets, sleeves and look, the pop trend is fashion all time classic in a world of colors.
The Pop culture, fashion or look, simply means to style or wear an ensemble featuring Pop art, strong primary colors, or adding a dash of color to a basic one-hue or neutral shade outfit. A basic example of a pop outfit is a lady wearing canary yellow sundress, tangerine gold  belt, Lime green clutch purse and deep blue shoes.
Wearing the Pop trend can be tricky, if you haven’t mastered the color mix and match game. The trick to starting a successful pop trend affair is to start timid. Think Neon, pastels and primary shades, and then visualize how to blend it. Try mixing and wearing three pop colors till you become comfortable before experimenting with five or more shades
The easiest and perhaps laziest way to wear the trend is to buy a Pop-art or digital print or multi-shades staples. Think of a Picasso painting and voila!
Below are some pictorials for your style and lookbook inspiration.


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