MillareStyleDaries #8 : Little Pleasures

 Hello my style lovers and MillareFashion devoted readers! It's been a while since I had the pleasure of posting something personal and an eternity, since I had time to pose for a camera just for simple pleasure. You would think that as one grow more independent (work time/finance), one would have more time to indulge in simple pleasure but the reverse is the norm. The more your work and skills produce successful results, the more time spent sustaining your success. 
The trick to escape the seeming vicious circle is to learn to balance your time, for success is only cool when you take time to enjoy it. So for all of us out there working non-stop,STOP FOR A MOMENT, and take time to indulge in the little pleasures, your hard work has made possible. 
I had a fab time on Sunday taking pictures and generally fooling around with my sisters. I paired this Zara maxi blouse with my fave jean shorts and accessorized with Jeffery Campbell black boots and silver multi-layered earrings. 
What do you think? .... 
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Millicent Arebun

Millicent Arebun
Photo Credits: Jefferson Arebun
Makeup: Millicent Arebun
Styling : MillareFashion
FF:  Twitter @MillareFashion @centjerry.
       Instagram @MillicentMFTV


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