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The African Fashion Week shows previously held in London South African et al made its debut in Nigeria Last weekend at the Eko Hotel & Suites Victoria Island Lagos, amidst the excepted glam
brought on by fashion devotees and press.   
The Fashion show which began with an awareness campaign on Saturday featuring live street catwalks at Lagos popular malls, kicked off officially on Sunday in the grand ballroom of the Eko hotels with amazing designers from Nigeria's young and supremely talented designers.
Watching from my seat, I couldn't help but wonder, where all these young design gurus had been hiding, as almost all the collections showcased at the show was spectacular. I began to wonder if the young fashion industry in our country has become so complacent that we were content to glorify and elevate on a golden pedestal, our first crop of outstanding designers to the detriment of the emerging ones and the future growth and export of the just-blooming Nigerian fashion industry. 
African fashion week Nigeria certainly was a lively fun filled event. We had so must excitement and fashion heat that we literally had fire! No, I am not joking! Hehehe.
The fire incident was brought about by an equipment malfunction but was quenched quickly by the universally trusty fire extinguisher. 
Alas, despite the crowd been almost 100percent fashion devotees, most people present showed their "shallow" lack  depth of devotion by fleeing the room before the organizers and Senator Daisy Danjuma was able to gain a measure of control over their panic. Lol. (I assure you I didn't flee....whistling..)
In all, Africa Fashion week Nigeria was a success despite some annoying hitches. One of the most annoying, was the sound trouble experienced during lil pop star Amarachi performance. (Nigerian Idol Season 1 Winner). The Lil dance genius did her best but how well can anyone perform with over six sound hitches and stops? That didn't augur well with her fans including me. 
The engaging, educative and impassioned speech from Chief Molade Okoya Thomas on the sickle cell foundation Nigeria, impacted and hit a somber nerve on most guests present, revealing the stark inadequate medical facilities in the country at present, to handle the mostly traumatizing experience of these special ones. 
In a Nutshell, the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria maiden edition was a beautiful event without a dull moment and an amazing variety of food and free flowing drinks to quench any devious hunger pang, trying to distract guest from the showcasing designers and their collections.
Designers that showcased at the event includes;designer Princess Abba Folawiyo,Isi Atagamen, Buchiver, Dé Laurels, YCR, Ifeanyi Nwune, IJC collections, Afrikanus by Rui Lopes, AAMAA a la Mode, Elikem The Tailor,Magnetic Elegance[ME], Long feet boutique, Faerens, Jazz Effect,Yon Seno, Belois Couture, Mademoiselle Anglaia, Meg Alabi, Elegante by Tiannahs styling, Yutees, Zarita Couture, Dyzn ,House of Marie, Emos Ejiro, Didi Creations, Big Ben, Raymona, Queen E collection, Awe Dzyn, AFT, Lines by Chaab,Style by Adesuwa,BA'AN WURE,St Eves et al.

Photo Credits: Ellisoft Photography, Millarefashion and Ynaija.  


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