Nigerian Songstress Seyi Shey is all sporty fab on the covers of’s debut issue.

“Murdah” singer Seyi Shay glows with sporty glamour on online retailer,‘s 1st magazine edition.  Seyi is shows off her splendid physique in a jerseys, Ankara shorts and ripped jeans.
According to Buyam’s press release, “We chose Seyi Shay as our cover star because we saw a bit of ourselves in her. We work hard, and we’re rising quickly. In this garden, Eve, or let’s call her Seyi Shay, was created first. Seyi Shay is known for her polished vocals, blistering work ethic and kick ass attitude. She is quickly blazing a quick trail for herself to the top of the Nigerian Music Industry. We think Seyi Shay is not only one to watch, she is definitely one to keep your eyes glued on, metaphorically and otherwise.”
The bi-monthly magazine contains content on fashion, sports, entertainment, literature, business and politics for your viewing pleasure. The magazine also features other fun Spring-themed pieces in its “Picnic Dreams” editorial featuring fashion model, Jojo Lara.


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