Eternally Chic: Lace

The lace fabric that made its debut to the fashion world in the 16th century, has once again taken a chunk of the trends fashion chart for itself. The lace though popular in European fashion, was only fashionable in the Nigerian fashion world as traditional wear, made in flamboyant designs, worn almost exclusively to tradition oriented or religious gatherings; rarely was it designed in westernized trends or casual style. With the influx of creative young innovative designers springing up daily, the vintage mania and designers obsessions with the fabric; lace has time and again taken it pride of place, as a must have fabric designed in exquisite fashion, which has made it a common feature at red carpet events, malls, church, weddings and almost all social occasions.  Step out in style in that your lace finery today and flaunt your style lace-tastically.
Ezinne Chikanta
Yvonne Couture


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