Everything is Blue-some!

 The global fashion month ended last weekend and our senses are still reeling from an overload of the style fabulosity on the fashion weeks runway and walkways. One thing we learnt from the fashion weeks is that everything fashion and style this season is awesome only if it’s Bluesome! Blue is certainty at the peak of color trends for this season as designers set the fashion week runways of Milan, London, New York and Paris, aflame in blue-tastic trends, which makes you want to have the blues!
Trend setters, style enthusiast and fashion lovers like Solange Knowles, Keke Palmers, style bloggers et al, have jumped on the blue chic wagon, to show off their style blue-someness in amazing fashion trends.

By simply wearing a cobalt blue Ankara jacket, turquoise blazer, ocean blue fab pumps, navy blue camo pants, sky blue TopShop flair skirt or the new ultra chic NARs pale bluesome nail coat, you are ready to let rip your blue-someness at the office, mall, event or date.
Up your style ante this season by wearing and shopping these hot blue pieces spotted on style lovers around the globe.


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