Geometric Prints Obsession

"You may not have to solve for X to wear the geometric print trend stylishly but a basic knowledge of angles is essential to pairing or matching your geometric prints staples" - Millicent Arebun.
It’s a merry season for the print craze style addict, as geometric print once again top trends chart for spring summer 2014/15, as seen by its prevalent  presence on the runways of fashion weeks recently. Geometric prints are prints that come in shapes of triangles, octagon, zigzags, heptagon, circles, squares, stripes.
Despite the fact that you don’t have to solve for X to wear this trend stylishly, one has to be careful when pairing or matching your geometric prints staples.
According to Elle Magazine “Geometric prints are really fun to play with, because you can choose to match or clash prints. The prints should be quite angular and repetitive, resembling shapes like triangles, zigzags, circles, squares, stripes or diamonds, and they work best on simple silhouettes like fitted sweaters, tunics, tapered trousers and pencil skirts”

The style timid recipe for geometric appeal is sticking to a single geometric print in an outfit while the bold and crazy fashionista can make a bold statement by pairing geometric print pants with cheeseboard, diamond or wide dash striped top.


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