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Yello people, how's your week been? Hope rad, fruitful and fabulous. Our gist today centers around the natural hair craze.
With the successful black and proud campaign in recent times, Africans worldwide are going back to their roots literally. Natural hair and protective styling is all the rage and our stylistas, fashionistas and mamasitas have brought their creative A-game to the table. Social media video vlog sites like Youtube, Vimeo et al and manufacturers have flooded airwaves and visual media with natural hair
DIYs, Protective styling tutorials, hair magic elixir campaigns, hair growth serum, oils and more.
Inspiration blogger, music artist and super mom, Celestina Foks aka omotiny of omotiny Inspires blog, decided to go the natural route recently. After countless hours surfing hair vlogs, channels and blogs, she decided to grow her hair the Nigerian way. That is, the way our mama taught us.

When I saw her picture last week, I was stunned. You will never know how truly beautiful a woman is until she discards her extension (be it hair, makeup, faux lashes or pout) and put her hair in the protective style called "calabar"
Calabar is a hairstyle every Nigerian girl child had on, at various times in her childhood, to early teenage years (before we discover boys and revolt). It involves parting the natural hair in small, medium or big circles, or squares and braiding it. At best, hair at the front line is cut and braided in "brush" form.
Though the style looked great on omotiny and I imagine if, her accessory was Burberry flash glasses or geek style shades, she would look like a mad geek or bohemian queen high on chocolate (lol).

I couldn't help wondering how she could go to the office, church or social function wearing the "calabar" hairstyle and voila! She has a wig that was the same shade/texture of her hair, so for formal outing she could wear and style it in various ways while underneath her hair woven in calabar steadily grew health, strong and soft.
So people, you don't have to be a wiz at protective hair styling or go broke buying so many hair products with false promises inscribed on them in order to grow your hair and yet look good. Simply go the easy, stress free Nigerian way by braiding your hair "calabar" style or other simple styles from your childhood (if you can't remember ask your mama). Invest in  half a dozen wigs  at most and in six months you will have beautiful healthy hair, you can be proud of, while you enjoy being the belle of your social circle.
Are you wondering if am considering going the natural hair route? Well, why not?.....hmmm. NO! Nope! Nada! For now at least (big smile)

Till we meet again.
Millicent Imade Arebun


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