Squeezed Feet Horror

Photo Credit; fashionallure.com
I love shoes! Whenever I see anyone looking good, I look at their shoes. In another life, I must have being a shoe collector since am so crazy about them.  Being a shoe person has made me a feet person and this fascination with all things footwear, made me stumble on a new menace in our style world, which could wreak havoc, not only on our style but our health if not curbed.
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This menace is called ‘pinched feet’. It’s amazing the amount of pinched weeping feet you see parading the red carpets, malls, offices, religious houses and even schools these days. Knowing and buying the right size of shoes is as crucial or important as knowing which type of shoe to buy or pair with any ensemble you have on. Fact is, buying shoes that are just a tiny bit too small or large can be the singular factors, which cause you to end up in the papers/magazines fashion victims column.
Here are four simple guides to ensure you aren’t guilty of the sin of pinched feet.

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1. Take time out today to go to your favorite boutique and find out your correct shoe size.

2. Never give in to the urge to buy any shoe that’s a size to large or small, for the myth of shoe horns/pads are untrue. If it is not your size, you will only look ridiculous and wobbly on it. Dare I speak of the unsightly, knotty, vein riddled, pinched feet you will have? Ugh!

3. Pamper your feet because they deserve it! They bear the weight of your entire body so don’t be stingy! Invest your time and money in pedicures, foot massages, painting your toes, moisturizing them, et al.

4. I know we Fashion Editors love parroting the saying “the sex is in the heels” but you and I know that walking all day in high stilettos is impractical. If you must wear heels for long stretches of time, invest in heels with platform soles, that won’t sprain your ankles or hurt your toes if you stay on them too long.


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