Beauty Bites: Pout-ti-licious

The favorite expression, on most ladies face these days while posing for the camera, is the sexy pout. Unfortunately, some ladies suffer adverse reactions to their pout attempts, due to their unsexy lipstick application. Studies have shown that, there is no such thing as unsexy lips. All you need, to have the perfect pout or come hitter- killer smile, is knowing which lip stick shade to use and how to apply it.

MAC Ruby Woo lipstick popularized by music superstar Rhianna, is one surefire way to ensure the perfect pout for all your selfie moments while looking effortless chic and trendy all day long.
The Mac ruby woo lipstick is especially great for African beauties. Recently Nigerian fashionistas have discovered this pout perfect lipstick hence the scarcity of it on your usual beauty stand. Get one today and drive someone crazy with a perfect pout like mine.

Tip: Ensure you exfoliate your lips at least once weekly, while creaming your lips nightly during this dry season. You don’t want to be caught with dry, flaky or chafed lips under your lipstick.


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