Fashion Trends Forecast 2015

A new year is a great time for a fresh-start in any endeavor including fashion. For the fashionista it’s time to start building your style wardrobe of the year and the first thing to know is what should be kept or tossed. This can be particularly worrisome for the style lover, as he/ she is confronted with a style closet that may just be obsolete or un-trendy.
The secret solution known to fashion veterans, stylists and editors who constantly have to predict, wear and style ever revolving trends is, upgrade your closet with a few new key trendy pieces, while reforming the old pieces.

2015 promises to be a very exciting year for style changelings as Japanese Motif, dramatic cuts, Sporty chic, 70s retro, bohemian gypsy, flairs, slits, fringes and twists seem to be the trend. Below are some style, color and fabrics predictions for the New Year


Fringes & tassels 
Word Art Tees and Gown 
Huge or supersized puffy sleeves 
Pumpkin skirts
The long maxi and midi flair skirt
Ero and Buba 
Drape sheer maxi tunics, 
Bust bands
Asymmetrical hems.
Long crops
Tailored androgynous suits.
Skirt Layering
Flair and Palazzo Pants  
High-shine metallics
Gingham patterns.
Unstructured garments
Floral and Prints


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