Mistletoe Inspired Fashion

Hurray! It’s countdown to Christmas and Santa is about ready to prove himself worthy, by ensuring lots of wishes come true. What better way to spread Christmas cheer everywhere you go than by literally wearing Christmas!  Are you wondering how someone can wear Christmas? It’s Simple!
Incorporate the festive feeling and mistletoe colors into your fashion wardrobe and outfits by styling up your fashion wardrobe basics with red, green or white fashion staples! Yay!
As usual the Christmas season is clock full of activities, including the basic carol eve night, family reunions, musical concerts, cinema outing, numerous Christmas parties, end of the year celebrations, and religious activities. It’s enough to drive the fashion lover into a frenzy, trying to figure out ensembles for the various occasion, while adhering to the festive spirit in style.
Resist the temptation to stand out like a crow on Christmas day by wearing the trending all back ensemble!
 Save yourself some ‘style headache’ and aim for a quick minimalist look by wearing a single color outfit paired with accessories or shoes in the season shades.
Here are a few Must-haves style staples and pictorials to ease your style worries. Consider it a pre-Christmas gift from me to you.

Merry Christmas in advance, people!
Photo Credit: https://stylebyayaba.wordpress.com/


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