Selfie Mania @ Woodin Store Launch Nigeria!

Korede Bello and Millicent Arebun
Imagine having the leeway or permission to take all the selfies you wish! It was selfie heaven at the Woodin fashion store launch at Ikeja city mall last Saturday. Despite the lack of a selfie booth, everyone had access to take selfies with Mavin artist and coroner Korede Bello and yours truly did not slack at all.  Below are my selfie moments at the event. Enjoy!
Millicent Arebun

I and style bestie Bibi Okosun

Naughty faces with Korede Bello and Bibi Okosun

Selfie moments with Sharon Ojong

Selfie moments with Bibi Okosun and Adeze Okeaya-Inneh

I and Jane

Photo Bombed by Ob Abenser of FashionistaGH 

selfie with Jane, Kosy and friend

I and Adebimpe Adebambo Creative Director Beampeh

korede Bello

Millicent Arebun, Korede Bello , Bibi Okosun

Selfie after the free makeover by  Davesucre (Blessing made me up)

After the free makeup by Davesure Studios I was selfie ready

Cassandra Ikegbune of and Model friend 


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