Style & Beer!

It is said that the way a guy handles his glass of beer and the moderation he brings to drinking defines his style
What does style and beer have in common? The answer is moderation. The stylish man is the man that have disciplined himself to the point where he has complete control over all trends and things. It takes the skill of moderation to blend, pair and wear fashion trends and the same rule apply in drinking beer. Beer taken in moderation is one of the most healthy drink aside water in the world, keeping the drinker in the peak of health and vitality. Who better to drink beer that the man who has turned moderation into an art- The stylish man!
Beer as a social symbol drink is associated with enjoyment but mostly associated with unproven negative attributes in spite of its many positive health benefits. Some of the negative perceptions of beer include, health risks, sundry stereotypes, misconceptions and negative images about beer, including pot belly.

Contrary to negative perception, beer is a natural alcoholic beverage brewed from four natural ingredients - grains, hops, yeast and water and not brewed through a process of chemical titration as many wrongly believed. Experts have proved with empirical research evidence that beer is a natural and nutritious drink, which consumed in moderation, is capable of helping against certain diseases. This includes reducing risk of heart diseases to strengthening bones, preventing diabetes and mental decline. Indeed a large study suggests beer can enhance longevity. Experts at the First Nigerian Beer & Health Symposium which held in Lagos recently, have shown that beer contains vitamins, nutrients and medicinal components that are good for the human body, health and well-being.
To style connoisseurs, experts say beer and style goes along very well. As a matter of fact, specialists bar tenders now exist to train stylish men how to handle their beer in public places, so drink up but only in moderation.


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