The Woodin Style Nation Arrives In Nigeria This Saturday At Ikeja City Mall

 Yello People! The Woodin Style Nation berths in Nigeria this saturday 6th of December 2014 at Shop L46 Ikeja City Mall. Come Shop and have lots of FUN wining freebies and goodie bags at the shop opening this saturday. All you need do is take a SELFIE at the Woodin Selfie booth, Post to friends on your social media pages and SHOW proof at the counter and Viola!

Take a Selfie with Mavin Star and Woodin Ambassador Korede
The woodin style nation citizen is the stylish male or female that represents Woodin’s core values of  Africaness, Creativity, Versatility and Confidence. So if you're fresh, funky and fabulous, you could become one of woodin People of the Nation and possibly a Woodin Style Ambassador when spotted by one of the woodin professional photographers.
The Woodin Nation store offers a collection of African fabrics, ready-made clothes and accessories to match.

Take advantage of the Woodin Fashion shoot booth and ace Personal Stylist present at the shop opening to style your woodin essembles and take great pictures by the woodin proffessional photographer at the shop opening.

I will be there waiting eagerly to take a SELFIE with YOU, so don't hesitate to say hello.

About Woodin
The brand, part of the Vlisco Group, has worked since 1985 to connect global trends to modern African life, transforming ethnic symbols into modern African design. As market leaders in African fashion, we have created our own retail concept that enables consumers to have a complete Woodin experience. The attractive combinations blend hand drawing with a creative and confident attitude to deliver new designs every day. We are a CREATIVE, VERSATILE, AFRICAN and CONFIDENT nation.

Date: Saturday 6th December 2014
Time: 12Noon | 8:30AM – 9PM
Venue: Shop L46, Ikeja City mall, 176/194 Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos

Stay Tuned  for more inside scoops! .


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