Woodin Nation Store Launch in Ikeja City Mall! Photos & Review

The Woodin nation style train arrived in Nigeria last Saturday, with Woodin fashion store launch in Ikeja City Mall, shop L46. The store opening attracted a crowd of style enthusiasts, African prints lovers, Woodin devotes, bloggers and media, so just imagine the style moments I experienced. 

The Woodin selfie moments at the store launch was major fun despite the lack of a selfie booth, instead there was a selfie corner at the store, where everyone has access to take a selfies with Mavin artist and coroner Korede Bello.
Korede Bello and Millicent Arebun
The woodin fashion corner was manned by beautiful courteous models whose manners were flawless when styling us with the various woodin accessories available to all. The beautiful photographer was all smiles and graciousness as she took great pictures. 
Adebimpe Adebambo of Beampeh, Woodin models dressed in woodin outfits and Millicent Arebun
Korede Bello was certainly a hit at the store launch as teems of #Bellolovers found their way to him for selfies, autographs and more. I could literally hear sighs, hearts thudding and butterflies (Certainty not mine) when he serenaded the crown with his guitar, singing his loves songs and people favorites “African Princess and Cold Outside”. 
Korede Sereneding the crowd
I had fun hanging out with my style bestie Bibi Okosun, my colleague Adaze, reconnecting with Sharon Ojong ( with work we rarely have time to say more than hello at events) and meeting fellow woodin style reps and bloggers, Sisi Yemmie  Mide Coker of Midecoker.com, (you need to see her taking a selfie! She is so PRO! I was pea green with envy that I didn't have her skillz) Ginikachi Eloka of Black Fabulosity, Adeola Adebiyi of Omogemura, Desola of Deemako , Cassandra  Ikegbune of Cassie Daves et al. 
Sisi Yemmie
Mide Coker of Midecoker,  Desola Mako of Deemako, Ginikachi Eloka of Bla,ck Fabulosity and I
Mide Coker and Millicent Arebun
Mide Coker of Midecoker,  Desola Mako of Deemako, Ginikachi Eloka of Bla,ck Fabulosity and I

In a nutshell, despite the lack of any kind of refreshment (not even water,), introduction, recognition or envelope, I had fun doing what I love best; meeting new people, blogging and revelling in style-tastic moments which I immortalize on my blog for your style and reading pleasure. 
FYI; I took lots of selfie so stay tuned for the Woodin store launch selfie mania post and my #WIWT Woodin post. 

Me after Davesurce Studios sprayed their glamdust on me
Crowd of woodin lovers at the store opening


Zina of Stylevitae and Sharon Ojong of Spice Tv

Bibi Okosun

Millicent Arebun 

Adaze and Bibi


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