20s Chic

“The twenties fashionista is the budding style queen who is not afraid to experiment with fashion trends”. Millicent Arebun

The twenties herald the come out stage of true style lovers. No longer are your cloths been bought by the parents, big sister, or stylist and fashion choices modeled after your style icon. This is the time to experiment and find your true personal style and fashion niche by experimenting with current and vintage trends you love.

Most often, the twenties style lover is a budget fashionista, having to make do with fixed income for an extended period. High end designers fashion staples and couture are almost out of reach, hence the need for the twenties style lover to invest in quality fashion pieces that will stand the test of time.

Chiamaka George Udeh
Fine tuning your innate talent for bargain shopping is a must-have skill for the twenties fashionistas as he or she begins to builds her style wardrobe of a lifetime. Think sporty chic, ragged queen, minimalist queen, sultry love child pop star or bohemian princess as you shop for trends or create your outfits and Voila!

Chiamaka George Udeh

The twenties fashionistas style watchword is chic and crazy, so don’t over think fashion choices and have fab fun mixing and matching all your style finds in great ensembles that stands you out from the crowd.


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