Phunk Afrique Rebrands to Funke Adepoju with “Fifth Avenue” S/S15 Collection

Nigerian fashion design label Funke Adepoju former known as Phunk Afrique has rebranded and what better way to announce that fact than with the launch of a fabulous collection. Addressing the brand’s name change, Funke said “We used to have a more playful and fun outlook – an informal structure that indulged catering mostly to people who brought in their fabrics for us to design and make garments to suit their taste. Eventually, Phunk Afrique grew into the Funke Adepoju brand and has become more personal. I am invested more into the Funke Adepoju brand, in the sense that I have arrived at the dynamic that suits who a Funke Adepoju woman is, what she represents and how to satisfy her. And you can tell time has played its own delightful part in this journey. The brand has stepped into the realm of more luxurious and sophisticated fabrics, to mature cuts and aesthetics and overall, more intricate detailing.”
Named “Fifth Avenue“, the collection was inspired by the designer’s trip to New York, “Everyone has a New York story – that city that takes you in and makes you see things through a clearer lens and allows you to exist in your most creative element. You find inspirations everywhere – the subway, waiting to flag a yellow taxi, in line to buy a snack. It’s such a vibrant place that fills you up with so much excitement.” The collection features ready to wear pieces characterized by pop hues, silhouettes asymmetric hemlines and a feel of the 70s. 

Photo Credit
Photographer: David Otokpa 
Makeup: Ese Akhetuamen
Models: Precious John 
Creative Direction: Onyinye Fafi Obi 


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