AFWN Founder Ms Ronke Ademiluyi says, the theme for AFWN2015 is “Showcasing our Cultural Heritage through Fashion”.
Every decade has its own defining statement piece. Hemlines go up and down over the years, prints and textures come and go but our flair for expression through the ages remains constant. Some pictures through clothes and attitude depict clues about the lives they lived, the government regime of that decade, socioeconomic position of the people and how they rebelled against conformity. Fashion is a part of who we are. Our evolving culture is woven in the fabric of everything we wear today and pictures beautifully show just how far that thread connects us to generations.
Africa Fashion Week celebrates fashion through all the ages and we invite you to join us as we launch a competition that will end in an exhibition and spectacular display at our AFWN Gala Night on the 24th May 2015.
According to AFWN 2015 Oreka Godis Brand Ambassador “One of my favorite things to do, whenever I get the chance to, is to look through old family photos. It is the only real invitation you get to look at the lives of the people you know now & see who they were long before you came along. Through pictures, you can imagine who they were, their hopes, dreams, the shy and the Alan Poser. I share some special pictures of my own with you now. I hope you will do me the honour of sharing your special memories with me too.

 Winning Photograph 
2 VIP tickets to the Gala Night and After Show Party.
Tickets to all the show.
Fabrics Courtesy DaViva
A Designer Outfit.
Meet & Greet with our Brand Ambassador Oreka Godis.

20 of the best images will be exhibited at the 'Evolution of Iro and Buba' Exhibition and the selected image owners will be giving ticket to the show.

Competition Rules

Follow @afwlandafwn on instagram
Follow @africafwnigeria on twitter.
Follow @Africafashionweeknigeria on facebook.
Use the hashtag #AfricaFashionWeekNigeria #AFWN2015 #AFWNContest to send your pictures and include a description of who is in the picture.
The images will form as a time-scale exhibition of the 'Evolution of Iro and Buba' during the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria holding on 23rd & 24th of May2015.
Images should reference the date (era) it was taken and possibly location.
We welcome a variety of entries; black and white, monochrome, full coloured to represent each decade.
Damaged images would be automatically disqualified.
The sender must have the right/permission to submit such image (indemnifying us of any infringement).
The name of the person in the picture would be required.
A short reference to a notable event around the time the particular 'Oleku' was in vogue would be welcome not compulsory.


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