Heat Solutions

The heat wave currently been experienced in Nigeria, has made even the most dedicated style lover, wish that being nude was trendy, but alas it isn’t so. The style trick to looking fabulous, without sweating buckets all the day long lies in your fabric choice and accessories.
Tunics, sheer garments, linen pants, chiffon blouses, cotton dress, hats and sun shades are the style solutions to keeping cool, even when you have to work outdoors. For the office executive, whose work dress code is rigid, stick to work dresses, cotton camisoles, and suits in lightweight fabrics.

Simply put, to look effortlessly stylish and stay cool in this weather, accessorizing your ensembles with sunshades and hats is a must. It serves the dual purpose of protecting your skin and face from the direct pressure/damage of the sun and also ensure you look chic and trendy all day long.
Wear your accessories on your wrist and try as much as possible to leave your neckline bare as this reduces heat and saves your jewellery from possible sweat damage.
Tip: Your sunscreen is your best friend this season, especially if your business and social activities, warrant you to be out in the glorious sunshine daily.


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