Style Preps

To look sophisticated, fashion forward and glamorous doesn’t have to be a chore that takes hours to achieve.  All you need to transform your looks speedily in order to make that unavoidable get-together, last minute event, or date, are these little fashion lifesavers, that can make a world of difference in your look, in under five minute. These style preps items listed below will leave you looking effortlessly glam, and edgy in record time.
In the Picture above and below, I jazzed up this plain black dress with the style preps identified below and instantly I looked chic and trendy...... (Seee! it
1. Medium square shaped bag
2. Red crème lipstick/ Crème to powder
3. Wide black hat
3. Multilayered chain, be it safari designs, beads, metallic, or pearls.
4. Sleeveless blouse, be it tunic, silk, cotton or tank top
5. Ankara pants/trousers/ Capri pants in pop colors
I'm wearing a plain black dress butwith help from the style preps identified in this post, I was able to transform the look to chic and trendy effortlessly. Style preps on me include- Sunglasses, Wristbeads, Wide brim straw hat, Red crème lipstick and Culture Inspired earrings. Viola!
6. Patent heeled sandals or pointies in pop colors
7. Chunky bangles/ slim bracelet/ wrist beads.
8. Culture inspired ear rings to add of touch of ethnic glam
9. The ever dependable clutch purse.
10. Monochromatic dress, blouse or skirt
All you need do is to always have this items in your bag, office or car and voila! You are glam ready anytime.


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