Tea Musings| Zenophobia In South Africa

 Happy Monday darlings. It’s a good day in my corner of the world and am grateful to God for the ability to take pleasure in it. As I sip my organic green tea with lemon infusion, I couldn’t help remembering what preoccupied my mind while in transit to work. I can’t help but feel sad for African foreigners in South Africa right now, knowing that those living in the xenophobic affected areas, won’t be able to feel, the simple joy of a new day or take pleasure in it. By the simple act of feeling safe enough, to pitch themselves against life circumstance with the hope of prevailing.
Safety is relative and most times often can’t be assured but barring unexpected accidents, every human being have the right to feel safe enough to enjoy life without feel of attack.  This is why xenophobia must stop in all it form! We are one, we bleed, feel pain and experience joy the same way! Stop the hate, Stop the Killing! Stop Xenophobia.….Heaves a deep breathe...
Sorry darlings, this issue bothers me a lot so I tend to get very intense, so while I drink the lovely tea from Marks & Spencer, I leave you with these words. Let live as one, united in love and mutual progress.
Have a fab monday


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