The Best Handpicked Trends from Fall 2015-2016 Collections

The fall season collections for 2015-2016 have already arrived, and the new age trends are trending around the fashion squares. Have you checked them yet? Fall trends are always worth looking ahead, mainly because the colours are toned down and the interpretations at every designer and brand are worth indulging. In this small post, let's check the dose of fashion ideas that you need for a fun winter in 2015!
Velvety appeal: If you love velvet, this is the year when you can wear velvet for the fall with ease. The full length gowns were seen at some of the top designer collections, including that of Ralph Lauren and Valentino. Long and stunning gowns in black velvet remained the choice of designers, but you can surely try colours beyond. For completing velvet gowns, focus on the use of gemstone jewellery for that much needed element of shine and gloss.
Quilt it rightly: Think of the heaviest winters, and you have those dress, skirts and jackets at some of the biggest designers. Some of such designs were seen at Chanel, Fendi and Moschino. The designs are utterly fun, and if you are someone who doesn't like to forgo comfort for style, this is an ideal trend to follow. For that quilted dress, all you need is a pair of boots or sneakers.  Click here to see some cool sneakers.
The softy colours: Think of the spring colours of 2014? Remember how the soft colours like yellow, pink, blue and other pastel shades that ruled the
ramp? Well, the same has returned for fall 2015-2016. The marshmallow soft colours are all over the ramp and some of big houses like Dolce & Gabbana and Prada have used these shades. Think of the soft pink, the cute blue and the spring yellow with a twist, and you have some great shades that are not-so-fall type!

Welcome the 80s: The summer and spring was all about 70s this year, and the fall is about 80s. The use of leather, velvet and quilting is a clear example of how the designers are focusing on the era with amazing concepts. If you are shopping for shoes online or are checking the fall collections for new clothing, make sure to indulge in the styles of the 80s. The designers to check for this trend include Loewe, Moschino and J.W.Anderson.
A special mention must be about the use of fur this fall, which seems to be overdone with some great choices coming in white and otherwise. For the lovers of straight fall-like styles and those who want new things for every season, the trends for 2016 offer more than just a few options. Check with some of the stores that sell clothes online, and you will find some great ideas worth picking.

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About The Author: Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger and expert who likes to write on trends, style ideas and more. She is the chief editor for budding fashion blog- The House of Elegance Fashion and writes for many other magazines and blogs. 


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