Think like a lady, Dress like a man!

“Think like a lady, Dress like a man”, seem to be the trend slogan for the androgynous style lover this season. The androgynous look is one daring style statement reserved for the stylish woman utterly confident of her own feminine appeal.

The fused-gender' clothes are topping trends charts more than ever and present in almost all collections showcased at fashion weeks runways globally.
Androgyny has always been a source of conflicted reactions especially in our corner of the world where the male and female boundaries are almost etched in stone. The fashion world, style gender-blurring trend, first received skeptically in our corner of the world has now been embraced wholehearted as seen by the trend presence on our streets, malls and red carpet events.


  1. I like this style when the person wearing it has the body type of the model in the yellow suit or Rihanna. Nice post.


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