Wasted Heat

Have you ever offered your affections freely but faced in return a rebuff that was far worse than rejection?

Have you ever taken it all in—the abuse, neglect, indifference, fake sincerity, humiliation…believing that a change was imminent but that never came?
What of the lies that are glaring—but deeply trusting—you choose to ignore.

He walks in—you come alive.
She walks out—you die inside.

You are aware that your union is headed towards only pain, that all proclamations are glib lies told your ears.
“But how can I survive without the touches and the kisses?” You ask. “…the company, gentle assurances, the promises, gifts, exceptional endowments and prowess?”

By taking a stand, dear friend, and getting weaned off the bad addiction. Because if you don’t, someday soon you are bound to come into a pain that your heart might not contain and then realize—when it is much too late—that you offered your heart to be mulled by bitter torment prodded only by nothing but Wasted heat.

WORDS: Onuoha Chidozie
Photography: Jefferson for MillareFashion
Dress: Bibire Designs
Clutch Purse: Finis
Hair: MakeMe Beauty Saloon
Makeup: Millicent Arebun

About Bibire: The Bibire Woman wants to be comfortable yet chic, sexy yet sophisticated. We believe you are what you wear and try to always give you dresses that are major classics but trendy. Style is priceless @ Bibire.
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