Boyfriend Tees & Natural Hair

Every girl loves wearing oversized tees, for those days when we just want to be boys, when comfort go to war with style or just for sentiments purposes. At least 80 per cent of women globally have at one point or another in their lives stolen an oversized tee from a loved one, be it brother, father, cousin, husband or boyfriend for either style or sentiment purposes. I didn’t steal this one oh. Lol. 
I actually got this one as a gift because I love big tees. They are my go -to outfit for lazy Saturdays or receiving the la-Besties. 
I always pair with shorts for laid back chic and comfort, while for casual or impromptu outings, I pair with midi bottoms for (See LOOK 2 below).

Another way to wear the oversized boyfriend tees: Pair with festive flats, (like my studded peach flats) and mide pants, jean, or capri.


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