Double Slits, Stride & Stance

High slit dresses, always adds raunchy glam and sophistication to any outfits, and this double slit dress from Bibire Designs certainly packed a double punch. I am no Kylie Jenner, so I had doubts when I first saw the dress on the mannequin at the Bibire Show room. I wondered if I had the gumption to wear this dress outside my room. Thankfully the fab creative genius behind the label had already taken the Nigerian factor into consideration and made shorts to go with it, making this dress a double delight for every fashionista.

Instantly I was in love and the result is this post. If you are braver than me, you can wear it without the shorts or pair with a bum short for maximum fad or shock effect. Lol

Style Tip: Wearing this dress, your stride and stance matter, else, you have slits flapping in the wind and an unflattering silhouette in a windy environment. Take tiny steps, (no long strides) walk sedately and ensure you stand with your back straight, shoulders thrown back and feet at an angle. Picture 2 in this post, is an exaggerated illustration of the stance.  

Photography: Jefferson for MillareFashion
Double Slits Dress: Bibire Designs
Makeup: Millicent Arebun

About Bibire: The Bibire Woman wants to be comfortable yet chic, sexy yet sophisticated. We belive you are what you wear and try to always give you dresses that are major classics but trendy. Style is priceless @ Bibire.

Address: 24 Itire Road, Ojuelegba Lawanson Road, Surulere – Lagos| Facebook: | Twitter: @bibirebyz | Instagram: bibiredesigns


  1. very beautiful......... but would definitely wear it with shorts. lol


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