Visions For a Future Time

Thoughts brew action
And when action is sieved with time
History becomes the filtrate
As we each are given
A unique face to wear
So also are we each assigned
An equally unique cross to bear
With a vast pedigree of afflictions readily available
There’s an equal allotment of weaknesses
With which our very essence are tested
And since evil is always possible
And goodness eternally difficult
There are routes which to our redemption lead
But I cannot tell you its nature exactly
Anymore that I could tell you precisely
The experience of birth
If you have never had it
I’ll only explain it thus
We all possess the size of mouths
The palms we inherit can comfortably feed
And we should not rouse from sleep
Dreams we are not willing to fight to achieve
‘Cos nothing but unfulfilled dreams
Make us crazed and wanton
And drive us to dangerous behavior
So, as I have honed my dreams
To conform to the reality that exists in the sphere of my abilities
I advise you to do same
And it’s with utmost hope
That I say this prayer
To all dreams on hold

WORDS: Onuoha Chidozie
Photography: Jefferson for MillareFashion
Tees: H&M
Geek Gasses: Roadside bought
Hair Styled By: Millicent Arebun
Makeup: None


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