Tea Musings| Fall In Love With You

In spite of the current fierce heat wave currently experienced in the city of Lagos Nigeria, I couldn’t stop myself from hydrating myself this afternoon with some black lipton tea. (Hi, I am Millicent and I love Tea. lol) While kicking back in my chair and unwinding from the day’s hassles, I pondered on the source of man crave for validation and recognition from others.

Making another person perception of you, the reflection of oneself, is foolhardy in the extreme and often lead to, the worst form of self-degradation and unhappiness, known to man.
In our desperate search to love and be loved, we lose sight of the fact that the greatest, purest and most steadfast love ever experienced, is from within. That love for oneself that transcend reason, time, circumstances, fate, hate, and age.

Learn to love yourself and you will become a better human to yourself, your partner, home, kids and society. As I go back to work this very "HOT" afternoon, I leave you to ponder this words,

 "Loving yourself is the only way to attain true happiness and balance in life"- Millare
God loves us and he is perfect! Won't you love yourself today?!


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