Tea Musings| Lay Aside Every Weight

Happy new Monday darlings. Heading to work this Morning, I pondered on what made humans tick. One minute they are friendly, reasonable and sane, the next they are querulous, foolish and spewing bile in different languages.

I had an experience with a handful of new “friends” last weekend and it renewed my commitment to carefully select who I choose to enter my world and associate with. There is a scripture in the bible that admonishes us to “lay aside every weight” It literally means to lay aside everything that can constitute itself as a weight in your life. This includes distractions, ignorance, inability to listen, guilt, job, business, lifestyle, wrong friends, association or fellowship.

So today I pray you find wisdom within, to identify the weights in your life, so you can cast them off and run the race of life more swiftly and surely. Have a lovely day and remain increasing productive all through this month. Muah!


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