Birthday Behavior

 Hi, darlings! I celebrate my birthday today and as always, am full of joy and in awe at what the lord is doing with me and through me. This post is my special love letter to the one who made me, who I am, gave me an identity, value and filled me with purpose and vision.

 All I see is YOU. Ur glorious plans for me is humbling.
You are awesome!
All that I am today is a direct result of your Words and overwhelming love for me.

My life change for the bestestest (invented word) when I met you and accepted you as my everything. 
As I stand on the threshold of this new dawn that usher in a new greater level, all I want to say is thank you Lord! 

Thank you for blessing me with the best family ever
Thank you for my luv
Thank you for my friends 
Thank you for the fellowship of the brethren 
Thank you for my job
Thank you for my life
Thank you for my colleagues 
Thank you for my clients 
Thank you most especially for the death and resurrection of your son Jesus Christ 
Thank you for choosing me and giving me right standing, ensuring my righteousness and identity in Christ. 

I love you
Yours Devotedly

Photography: Jefferson for MillarePhotos
Blazer: Afrint prints
Shorts: Zara
Purse: Neimax
Makeup: Millare


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