Stripes & Leggings

One hectic Sunday afternoon in May, I had two events to attend. One was a fashion show and the other was a shopping fare. In order to dress for both events without looking out of place, I had to find the perfect balance between casual and chic.

After much ado, I decided on this asymmetric stripe blouse, paired it with faux leather leggings and cut-out boots, as it fixed the casual-cum-chic look perfectly.
Thankfully, it was casual enough to blend in with the shopping crowd, whose style requirements seemed to be shorts, tanks, maxis, denim, flats and sneakers (with a few weird overdressed individuals thrown in). Neither was the outfit too casual to stick out sorely in the relaxed but glam atmosphere of a fashion show.

So, YAYYYYY! What do you think? What would be your outfit to a shopping fare and a fashion show if you had only one choice?

Photograpy: Desola Mako
Top: Chyamaka George Closet
Pants: Oasis
Bag: Clarks 
Cutout Boots: Lavina
Sunglasses: Fandia


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