Hope, Choices & Your Future

Hi darlings, while sipping some delicious Tetley green tea during lunch break today, I came across a pin-up of the words of the legendary African leader Nelson Mandala, which said "May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears". To say I was moved by these profound words is an understatement.

So many of our actions and decisions today, are based on the current circumstances surrounding us. Even our words reflect only what we see or experience daily, failing to understand the import of it on our desired future. Immediately I decided to share this impactful moment with YOU.

Let hope guide your decisions, love rule your heart and wisdom form your actions daily, for the tomorrow you hope starts today. Heed these profound words of Nelson Mandela and you will see a turnaround in everything around you.

Have a productive day darlings and make the best decisions ever!

 PhotoCredit: broowaha.com


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