Kimono versatility

Happy Monday darlings. It’s a good day in my corner of planet earth and I intend to rejoice and delight in it no matter the circumstances that come my way. That should be your attitude too, as positive vibes heralds and attract all things good and wonderful to you.

A few weeks back I had the dubious pleasure of visiting the National Theater Iganmu Lagos state to attend an event. Suffix to say I had mixed feelings and reaction. Multi-tasking is in the veins of every fashion blogger so when I hear event or have an opportunity to see new places, all I hear is an opportunity to shoot a style post for your viewing pleasure lol. (Things we style bloggers do, to keep your attention fixed on us eh)

For this look I simply wore a Kimono jacket over my lil black dress and studded peach flats and Viola! I had a completely different look in seconds.

Kimonos are the current style fave of style lovers, bloggers and fashionistas,on the go, with a pressing need to always look stylish and different. Easy to wear and style kimonos are your remedy for a quick style change for that impromptu meeting, event or hang out that you just can’t miss.

Style tip:  I keep a fab multi colored kimono in my office closet (or boot, if you have a car) with big earing and wooden bangles, for a quick style change.
Photograpy: Jeffeson for MillarePhotos
Kimono: Lazsa 
Lil Black Dress: MNG
Sling Purse: CK
Flats: Metro
Sunglasses: Roadside buy


  1. Cute kimono! And yes to using events as ways to get content for the blog, hehe

    Aniekeme for TFLA


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