Pride Aside

One of the cruelest sounds that’ll ever resound will always remain the silence that’ll ensue when a loved one slams your door and takes their love with them. And the deepest despair you’ll ever experience will come from the knowledge that deep within, you really still care.

     The tightest bind that’ll constrict your heart will be from knowing that indeed it was your fault. And the most fatal mistake to make will be to reach for that door yourself, yank it open, walk out, give it a slam of your own, head out, and seek that type of consolation that comes caged in a bottle.

True, its raging captive might dull your pain for a while, but when it’s done fighting your pain, it’ll escape in vapors and leave your mind on a plain where more grief will pound not only your heart this time, but your head as well. Nothing will then comfort for sweet will become bitter, every song accuse, and luxuries you once enjoyed only bring despair.

     You know it’s true when I say that the right thing to do will be to chase after her—not even letting her cross the street—fall on your knees, make a fool of yourself , and tell her you’ve walked out that door a new man, one who will never hurt her ever again. Because, ‘I can now fly!’ I hear you scream.

 Believe it or not, to soar really high, it is the air and wings of that good woman or man that you need. And you can shine even in this dark hour if only you can admit your mistakes for the reward of raveling in the bright sunrise she/he brings. 

Joy can truly be yours again my dear friend, if only you can change your ways and cast your Pride Aside

WORDS: Onuoha Chidozie
Photography: Mide Coker of
Dress: Nellies 
Hair: MakeMe Beauty Saloon
Makeup: Millicent Arebun

About Nellies: Nellies is a fashion and style retail store located in the heart of Surulere Lagos state Nigeria. A veritable treasure cove of fashion staples specially selected to soothe the style cravings of fashionistas and style stars globally. 

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