Boho Flower Child

Hello darling! I hope the tyrant Tuesday is treating you nicely. I am having a great day in my cloudy corner of the world, staring at this screen and thinking of witty things to say to you that would bring more cheer to so. So I decided to share my boho flower child look from last Saturday. 
I woke up full of energy which I expanded thoroughly at my gym (Which I haven’t been to in almost a month) and came home in a feeling really good about myself and the calories I shed. 
Confronting my wardrobe I decided to translate my mood into style and voila!
If you think the multiple colored neck beads was overkill don’t feel bad, I think so too (grin) but my inner flower child refused to let me take them off and be perfectly stylish. Since I was in an indulgent mood I let my inner flower child have her way lol. 
Tip: Pair the ensemble with sling back high heeled sandal for a chic urban look and only with boots if you are a boho lover like me. FYI, ditch the beads and pair with a simple thin long/short chain or go without to complete the look.  

Photography: Jefferson Arebun
Crop Pants: Gap
Boots: Timbs
High Low Top: MNG
Lipstick: Beyond Beauty


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