Head Wraps to The Rescue!

Hi darlings, thank God it’s Friday! I can’t wait to head home, kick off my heels and begin the slow relaxing journey to pillow and bed TLC. lol. I had an event last weekend and was too tired to show my hair extension, the needed care required to ensure it behaves. While pondering on how to escape the required 10mins brushing my weave demanded, I remembered the surefire African style-lifesaver, called “head wraps”. Crackling with relived glee, I flew to my closet to pick of my many African print scarf quickly I wrapped it up and was done in less than five minutes. 
I paired my little black dress (Another style-life-saver) with coffee-grey block sandal and accessorized with purple lippies and Viola! 
What do you think? Do you like my head wrap? Oya show me yours by tagging your headwraps pictures to my instagram page @millicentmftv and @millarefashion using the hastags #MyHeadswrapMillare

Millicent Arebun

Photography: Priscillia Phillps


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