Life on The Keke Style Lane

Hi darlings. How is Tuesday treating you? Hope nicely. My Tuesday has been very productive, so while having lunch I decided to pen down, for your reading pleasure, how stylish, life on the “Keke Lane” can be.
Most of you already know that I don’t drive, despite having two cars packed in my home begging for some love (Yea I annoy myself sometimes). You must be wondering why an adult in the 21st century don’t drive (Covers face). The answer is: I never have time to devote to leaning how to drive. Very cliché right? (Yea I know). When I was younger I equated driving with more errands so I did everything possible to avoid learning, by the time I realized it was a vital skill, necessary to navigate life with less stress, I was and still is too busy, to find the necessary bloc of time needed. 
Hence my proficiency in hailing taxis and jumping Keke, after my favorite mode of swift transportation ‘Okada’ aka “donor cycles” was banned from the roads by the wonderful (Insert in a tiny bitter voice-WICKED!) Lagos state government. 

The yellow tricycles known as “Keke” in Nigeria is a great mode of transportation for the budget constrained fashionista, with less drama and threat to life, by foul smelling individuals, whose sole aim is to kill as many citizens as possible, with their “scent”. Taking the bus, driven by possessed maniacs should be the last option taken only in dire circumstances. (It’s like the only requirement to drive or conductor a bus in Lagos is to be a maniac)

Since Keke has been my life-money-saver recently, I decided to do a shoot around it, depicting and celebrating the very stylish hardworking men and women that take this mode of transportation every day.

Photography: Jefferson Arebun for MillarePhotos
Shorts: MillareFashion
Top: Mango


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