Man Shirt Trend

Style lovers worldwide has since discovered the joys of stealing the shirts of their menfolk, just as designers have long since joined the parade by creating male-inspired clothing for the female folks. Today this style is aptly called the man-shirt-trend and I am so loving it.

I saw this long shirt on my brother one beautiful Sunday morning, as he headed to church, immediately I knew the shirt was meant to hang, on my very own shoulder lol. Sharply I bullied him into allowing me, use it for a photoshoot and voila! It now hangs proudly in my style closet thanks to my bullying persuasive skills lol. 

Sticking to the general man theme, I paired the shirt with prints shorts and andro shoes. I only wish I had a hat to complete the dapper she-boy look. 
What do you think? Yay or nay? 

Photography: Jefferson for MillarePhotos
Makeup: Millare


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