One Morning in Lagos Wood Market

Happy Monday Darlings. Hope you are having a fruitful day so far, I am now, after some exploits on my way to work. You see, I had to visit a plank market to pick out some wood materials and colors for wardrobe restructure and revamp (The basic boring design of the present wardrobe is beyond depressing and can incite style suicide).

Anyway there I was all dressed up for work with my only fashion concession for my visit to the plank market been to wear flats. Who wears flats to a plank market in Lagos you would ask incredulously…..well…. apparently me!
As you can imagine, it was not only fashion suicide but I ruined a good pair of flats, as I wadded through ankle deep mud liberally thickened with sawdust and wood shelling. AMAZEBALLS.

It was a “yuck” ‘Urghhh” moment for me while the few women at the market had a” well duh” expresson. The more vicious sisters wearing smug grins of satisfaction as they watched me slosh through the blackest mud I’ve ever seen. (What in the world did I ever do to them?)

You can guess the moral of this rant yea? (Screaming) Never wear flats to a plank market in Nigeria, if possible wear a “rainboot” or service boots. The uglier the better, as they surely will be ruined. FYI: Soak your feet in disinfectant as soon as you get to your door)

Ok! Am calm again, just wanted to share my day with you all.  So if you are feeling blue or your Monday aint going so great, don’t worry, smile and cheer up! It can’t be worse than mine was. If it was, you can share ur pain by mailing me your story at FFYI: Ranting can be therapeutic, I feel so much better already just by sharing. Loooool

Photography: Jefferson Arebun


  1. Hmmmm... beef for fine chic is always high dear, doh. Hope you have soaked your feet? My morning was cool, but towards late morning, colleagues and I had to solve a near bloody situation.

  2. As in eh! I did oo as soon as I got to the office. Woooow! " Near bloody ke" Oya ping d full gist asap loooool.

  3. Hahahaha! This your paparazzi profession don dey spoil you o.


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