Pop Rebel.

 Hi Style lovers, hope you are having a stylish Wednesday wherever you are. If not here is a lil color to cheer you up while going about your daily activities. Be sure to drop your comments, for your opinions matter a lot to me.
I often tell people that “fashion is a language that can be used to express every human emotion. The ability to use cloths to communicate, emotions explicitly, is what we call style today”.

For this shoot, I paired my polyester sweater cum top with Gap crop pants and man shoes, to create a stylish pop activist look, popular in eras gone by. The sling purse hung front crosswise is a rebel hallmark I simply couldn’t resist.

Take out time today and reflect on what you stand for, be it gender equality, the girl-child movement, freedom of expression, the fight against corruption or just better pay for workers. Whatever you stand for, ensure you are not just a mouthpiece for others and that it is right before God. Having done that realize that what you stand for, most often you fight for!

Photography: Jefferson Arebun
Pants: Gap
Top: Znexvo
Lipstick: Beyond Beauty


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