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Hi darlings. It's Monday, again! Is it just me or does it feel like weekends were masochistically designed to be the shortest days in the week? Just when you finally feel relaxed enough to actually “relax” Monday rears it energizing head and off we go again.  
This style post is inspired by the current ‘proudly African’ mindset, a select few of us, are trying to breed and instill in our generation and the next. No longer do we want Africa to be portrayed as the darkest, seediest, horrible hell on earth, the global world wants us to believe. In ‘my Africa’, we are full of virtue! Dignity, honor and self-respect is the watchword. One of the numerous style heritage of Africa is the head wrap. 
Every African fashionista worth her weight in style, mastered the art of tying scarfs almost in the cradle. Today the African head wrap, which literally means, using Batik, Hollandis, Ankara or any print fabric to wrap up your hair and tie in a front knot; is a signature look for African inspired fashion.  

I wrapped up mine, with a cone twist just for diversity. What do you think? Have you rocked this African style signature look? If so, tag your looks to my Instagram pages @millicentmftv and @millarefashion to be featured in my new “My Africa” segment on the blog. If not why not try out the look today? 


Photography:Jefferson Arebun for MillarePhotos
Black Gown: MNG
Shoes: Atmosphere
Print Fabric: Daviva (Vlisco)
Retro Glasses: Vintage store buy
Model: Millicent Arebun


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