Hat Yearnings

Since the return of the wide brim hats on the trend chart, I have been crazy about it. Unfortunately I have searched for it high and low but always found the soft or floppy brim one. Since I have my heart set on a hard one, so far I have refused all temptations. (Pious sigh) 
The next best thing was to pray, I find a hat in any styling kit meant for me, during a shoot and voila! I had this shoot a while back and fellow blogger Desola Mako was wearing this hat. Suffix to say that as soon as my gaze rested on the hat, she didn’t stand a chance (looooool)
Long story short, I wore the hat all day long, on and off the shoot, but sadly I had to return it. The good news is, I finally found a hat perfect for me last week so get ready for a deluge of hat style posts. 

Till next time darlings


  1. Hat are such a thing right now, I'm loving them so much as well. waiting for the posts.x

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  3. Nice hat. Though thought I'd be seeing several hats. LOL! Great outfit too.


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